How do I view pictures full screen?

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How to view an image in full screen mode?


Full screen option is used to view the image in full screen mode.
Option 1: In the View tab, select Full screen.
Option 2: The shortcut key is F11.

How do I view pictures full screen?

In the below given picture, you can view the image in full screen mode.
How do I view pictures full screen?

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is there a jpg viewer that shows pictures as full screen ?

asked Sep 9, 2010 at 14:29


Just use the built in Picture and Fax Viewer.

Right click over the image and select Preview (if it's bold then it's the default action so double-clicking will do the same thing.

Then click the slide show icon (screen) or press F11 to start the slide show.

Esc takes you out.

You can download 3rd party programs that do this as well which might have more configuration options. One such is:

answered Sep 9, 2010 at 14:38

How do I view pictures full screen?


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Vote for IrfanView, freeware, great photo viewer and some minor image editing as well.

answered Sep 9, 2010 at 15:02

Rich HomolkaRich Homolka

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  • You can use windows Built in Picture and Fax Viewer. . You can go to full screen mode when clicked on Slide Show But disadvantage is that it automatically changes images if found in the current directory unless paused

  • Inzomia image viewer enables you to see a single image in full-screen . I found it here . But the software is not free

answered Sep 9, 2010 at 14:52


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Is there any way to enable fullscreen mode in Windows 10 default photo viewer? I know there is a slideshow option but I don't want a slideshow, I want to manually change images.

asked Oct 25, 2015 at 10:37


Press Windows Key + Shift + Enter together to switch to fullscreen mode.

answered Oct 6, 2020 at 7:54

  1.    New 05 Dec 2011 #1

    Is there any way to view pictures in full screen without slide show?

    I like viewing pictures in full screen but is it possible to disable that default slide show option? I suppose I can right click and select pause for each one. Any other method(s) available? Thanks much!

  2.    New 05 Dec 2011 #3

    Wow! What a selection! I suppose all one has to do is download one and import your pics. Anyone care to recommend one?

  3.    New 05 Dec 2011 #4

    I use Faststone and have for years. A very reliable image viewer with tons of editing capabilities. Free and it works.

  4.    New 05 Dec 2011 #5

    I use Faststone too. It is the best picture viewer I have seen. Besides the many editing, etc. features, you can look at your pictures full screen. And when you click on the full screen picture, it magnifies it (magnification level depends on your setting). Going to the next picture is by rolling the mouse wheel forward. And if you want to get out of full screen, press ESC - it is that simple.

  5.    New 26 Jan 2016 #6

    Even though this thread is so old, I just wanted to reply here since this came up so early in my search result for the answer.

    An easy solution is to start slide show, then right click and select "Pause." You can still change photos in the folder by hitting the left and right arrow keys, but it will not advance automatically anymore.