How to get CPU utilization in PHP?

echo "Initial Memory uses : ".memory_get_usage()." bytes \n"; for ($count = 0; $count < 100000; $count++) { $array []= base64_decode($count); } for ($count = 0; $count < 100000; $count++) { unset($array[$i]); } echo "Final Memory : ".memory_get_usage()." bytes \n"; echo "Peak: ".memory_get_peak_usage()." bytes \n";

CPU Usage Information

For getting CPU uses you can simply use getrusage() function in php It’ll return lot’s of CPU uses variables which help you to determine whats sources uses too much CPU resources.

Now just after all your code add the following, feel free to edit as needed. What this will do is output the CPU time on the page.

$cpu_after = getrusage();
echo "<div>Took ".rutime($cpu_after, $cpu_before, "utime")." ms CPU usage</div>";

This is a simple code for checking CPU usage I use all the time to see if my code is slow for CPU working reasons, or because of API calls or other stuff.

This is real CPU usage and NOT time it took to run, you can get a result of 33ms and the script can take 40 seconds if it's just waiting for content from things like an API requests or a database that is way to slow.

Today, We want to share with you get server memory and CPU usage in PHP.In this post we will show you Current Load and Disk Usage with PHP Script, hear for RAM & CPU Usage PHP Script we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Restart Server from Linux (Ubuntu) with an example.

How to get server memory and CPU usage in PHP?


Here We are Learning to All about php get cpu usage windows, get system info, get load, cpu usage high, system monitor, see what’s using memory, Current Load as well as Disk Usage on Specify Server, load average or many more.

This single file server health check script works on Windows, Linux and possibly others. It is written in PHP to show CPU usage, RAM usage, Incoming Connections and Hard disk usage.

Update September 2020 Server Check PHP was getting a lot of downloads so I’ve updated the code and open sourced it on Github.

If you want to know the functions to get RAM & CPU usage from within PHP .

How to get CPU utilization in PHP?
How to get CPU utilization in PHP?

Server Check demo here:

JSON output:

Single file download here:

Github Repo here:

Download this script to display RAM & CPU usage for your server.

Building A Server Health Check PHP Script

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How to get CPU utilization in PHP?
How to get CPU utilization in PHP?

PHP Ram Usage & PHP CPU Usage Code

The functionality is different for Windows and Linux so the first thing we need to do is determine the operating system.

$operating_system = PHP_OS_FAMILY;
if ($operating_system === 'Windows') {

Then I used the Windows management interface to determine the RAM and CPU usage. Netstat command works on both Windows and Linux although the formatting is different.

// Win CPU
$wmi = new COM('WinMgmts:\\\\.');
$cpus = $wmi->InstancesOf('Win32_Processor');
$cpuload = 0;
$cpu_count = 0;
foreach ($cpus as $key => $cpu) {
  $cpuload += $cpu->LoadPercentage;
$res = $wmi->ExecQuery('SELECT FreePhysicalMemory,FreeVirtualMemory,TotalSwapSpaceSize,TotalVirtualMemorySize,TotalVisibleMemorySize FROM Win32_OperatingSystem');
$mem = $res->ItemIndex(0);
$memtotal = round($mem->TotalVisibleMemorySize / 1000000,2);
$memavailable = round($mem->FreePhysicalMemory / 1000000,2);
$memused = round($memtotal-$memavailable,2);
$connections = shell_exec('netstat -nt | findstr :80 | findstr ESTABLISHED | find /C /V ""'); 
$totalconnections = shell_exec('netstat -nt | findstr :80 | find /C /V ""'); 

Then for Linux we have sys_getloadavg() available for CPU usage within PHP. Then for RAM I used the “free” shell command.

// Linux CPU
$load = sys_getloadavg();
$cpuload = $load[0];
// Linux MEM
$free = shell_exec('free');
$free = (string)trim($free);
$free_arr = explode("\n", $free);
$mem = explode(" ", $free_arr[1]);
$mem = array_filter($mem, function($value) { return ($value !== null && $value !== false && $value !== ''); }); // removes nulls from array
$mem = array_merge($mem); // puts arrays back to [0],[1],[2] after 
$memtotal = round($mem[1] / 1000000,2);
$memused = round($mem[2] / 1000000,2);
$memfree = round($mem[3] / 1000000,2);
$memshared = round($mem[4] / 1000000,2);
$memcached = round($mem[5] / 1000000,2);
$memavailable = round($mem[6] / 1000000,2);
// Linux Connections
$connections = `netstat -ntu | grep :80 | grep ESTABLISHED | grep -v LISTEN | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | grep -v | wc -l`; 
$totalconnections = `netstat -ntu | grep :80 | grep -v LISTEN | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | grep -v | wc -l`; 

For the hard disk usage I found PHP native functions that worked across operating systems:-

$diskfree = round(disk_free_space(".") / 1000000000);
$disktotal = round(disk_total_space(".") / 1000000000);
$diskused = round($disktotal - $diskfree);
$diskusage = round($diskused/$disktotal*100);

Full source code is available here:

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How to get CPU utilization in PHP?
How to get CPU utilization in PHP?

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I needed a script to do a basic server health check and built the following which can be viewed here:

and downloaded here:

It measures RAM, CPU, Hard disk usage, Established and total connections, a few other bits and pieces. It has a traffic light system which is setup for my needs but you can fiddle with as necessary if you want to change the parameters.

Here’s a screenshot:

How to get CPU utilization in PHP?
How to get CPU utilization in PHP?

To install just unzip the package and upload the ram.php file to your server. Then visit or wherever you put it in your normal web/mobile browser.

How to check CPU utilization?

Use Task Manager to view CPU consumption to help identify the process or application that's causing high CPU usage:.
Select Start, enter task, and then select Task Manager in the search results..
The Task Manager window defaults to the Processes tab. ... .
Select the CPU column header to sort the list by CPU usage..

How do I get my CPU utilization report?

Click Activity > CPU Utilization to display the CPU Utilization report page. 2.To view a graph of data points over time, keep the page open. Data points are graphed every ten seconds. 3.To toggle on and off the graph for an instance host, click the instance hostname at the bottom of the page.

How to check CPU utilization in MySQL?

You can use Performance Insights to identify the exact queries that are running on the instance and causing high CPU usage. First, activate Performance Insights for MySQL. Then, you can use Performance Insights to optimize your workload.

How to track memory usage in PHP?

To check memory usage, PHP provides an inbuilt function memory_get_usage(). This function returns the amount of memory allocated to a PHP script. ** memory_get_usage() function returns the amount of memory allocated to your PHP script in bytes.